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Aug. 15th, 2017 09:04 am
strange: (Diane Kruger: Curled and cocked)
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I just need to say; please stop blaming EVERYONE who belongs to *insert ANY political or even religious group here* for the inevitable extremists and their reprehensible actions. You're just making the polarizing effects of it all much much worse.

Just as one can't say "cops are all corrupt assholes", one also cannot say "black folk are all criminals." You can't say "men are all scum", just as you can't say "women are all weak." It's simply not true, and that is fact. Yes, there are cops who are assholes. Yes, there are black people who are criminals. But the fact is that most are not and people should be judged individually, not by what so-and-so extremist member of said group did.

Note: This doesn't apply to hate-only groups such as Nazi's, etc. Please, always blame hate-only groups for hatred, that's perfectly fair, as it's all these types of groups stand for.

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