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I found this hair last week and just fell instantly in love. So much so that I went and downloaded ALL it's recolors too. lol. Here's the lot (I'll probably even update this if I find more recolors ♥).

•  WINGS-OS0408
○ Personal fav recolor: Wings OS0408 F Retexture Recolor - mesh needed
○ Wings Hari OS0408F Recolor - mesh needed
M-Shi - WingsSims - OS0408 Hair Retexture (MESH NEEDED)

And then here's the event mods! Also a Fashion Career mod by the same creator, so I'll just include that here. Actually it was the Fashion Career mod that I was after first - then I found the event mods, so it makes sense to have the Career mod heading up the show. There are a few other Events mods on her(?) blog, but these are the ones I use (so far). They are updated regularly whenever a new patch breaks them.

• Fashion Career Mod


• Baby Shower Mod
○ Baby Shower Stuff (extra CC for extra fun)
• Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Mod
• Slumber Party Mod
○ Sleepover Stuff (extra CC for extra fun. again)

Aaaand those are my favorite recent mod finds for Sims4! I hope to do this maybe weekly? Not just for Sims4, but for all the various games I play. In future it'll likely be one mod per entry, unless I'm excited about several for one game in one week. Which definitely happens. ♥

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