19 March 2017 @ 11:55 am
Yeaaah oookaaaay. SO. Listening to HP read by Steven Fry, like I sometimes do when I'm bored and want noise happening. For apparently the FIRST TIME EVER it clicked in my head the years on James and Lily's tombstones. Born 1960. Died 1981. TWENTY ONE! They were TWENTY ONE when they died. WTF how did I never realize that? In my head they've always been in their late 20's. And not because of the age they are in the movies, the movies are clearly depicting them as they'd be at Harry's age, not the age they were when they died. I just always got the impression they were closer to 30 than 20 and I'm just totally shocked right now and yeah. The prophesy... "have defied Voldemort trice" even makes me think older than 21. lmao. I guess 21's not really that young to have defied Voldy trice consideration what Harry went through before 17 (though he'd not have if not for the prophesy/parents thing, so maybe that's why I considered Harry an anomaly), but for some reason I always thought they'd have to have been older for having defied Voldy personally thrice. 21 just seems so young for..... just. All of it. So wow.

Just. Wow. lol. I feel like I need to start the whole thing over again just because this new realization.
Current Mood: shocked
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