May. 11th, 2017 08:34 pm
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Well, Aaron’s fucking bike got fucking stolen off our fucking back patio last night. The bike we just bought, brand fucking new, at Target, for fucking $100. The bike that was going to enable me to have the car without having to drive Aaron to the bus at the ass-crack of dawn in order to do things I’ve been wanting to do, like visit friends I no longer live in the same apartment complex with and am used to seeing literally every day (before we moved out of the worst neighborhood in Everett, it’s been 2 years now but it still sucks and I’m still not used to not living so close to so many good friends), volunteer holding addict-born babies at the Seattle Children’s Hospital (a thing I discovered recently is totally a thing and I want to do it) and with the IRC (another thing I discovered the desire to do recently).
And school this fall? I mean, obviously I’ll just have to get up at the fucking ass-crack of dawn or take the bus myself, but that’d stress me out so much worrying about the possibility of not getting home in time to be there when Moony gets off the bus. Fuck.
Obviously I will still find ways to do these things, especially school, even if it means I have to fucking get up when Aaron leaves. It sucks, but fine. It’s very important I get into school this fall and get back into the working thing. Our future somewhat depends on it. We’ve decided we’re not going to have any more kids of our own, but instead adopt and/or foster. My getting back to work is a big deal in getting anywhere near actually being able to do that. And even if I end up a grocery-store baker for a while? That’s fine with me. Totally and completely fine.
That bike was kind of the key part of these plans. Bike for Aaron = Car for Cal 3 days a week. Car = things Cal very much wants to do. So yeah. I’m livid. And on top of all the … what do you call this? Not emotional set-backs, but … life setbacks? We just lost about $100 dollars that we only just spent a month or so ago. And plans. That's a couple fucking weeks of groceries right there. ASSHOLES!

FUCK I’m so furious.

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