02 August 2016 @ 10:13 am
If you ignore the serious bad fan-fiction level plotlines (dear GODS is it bad) here is the biggest reason I wont read The Cursed Child. Besides the fact its not a book but a screenplay and JKR didn't write it, but helped slightly and just... ok. Quote spoiler incoming...

“Well, there are times when I wish you weren’t my son” 
Harry says this to his son. 
Harry Potter. He said this. To his son.

Just no. He wouldn't. Not with how he was raised and what he went through, even if and im going to assume this is the reason he said it at all... because he feels bad for things Albus has to go through because his dad is Harry fucking Potter.

Also apparently adult Harry thinks about how he never had any father figures in his life. Um... really? You actually kinda had a few, even if they were brief. You know, Sirius, Hagrid, Arthur, Dumble... 

Lets ignore Voldemort's daughter with the special hair and specialness and just... fuck. 

I'm not reading it. LOL.
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