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It’s 8pm and I am in bed under the covers. I should go sit in the backyard with a book and breathe in the air but it’s humid and the sun feels annoying.  So escape it is.

Its probably common for people to sleep all the time because their dreams feel more alive than they do. More fun, dramatic,  happy.  More something. Even if you don’t remember them all the time.

Sometimes even the nightmares I have feel like a better story than my day to day life. I’ve heard most people dream in black and white or with little color and that it’s after when awake our imagination recalls vivid colors that weren’t really there,  but fuck that.  I see colors in my dreams that I can’t see when awake.  Colors that don’t exist.  Or shouldn’t.

Maybe it’s depression. I’m not unhappy,  mind you. I’ve got a great marriage and my kids are healthy and I feel love.  It’s just that I feel boring and tired and I want to chase the colors that aren’t real.

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“I took at the time a memorandum of my several senses, and also of my hat and coat, and my best shoes – but it was lost in the mêlée, and I am out with lanterns, looking for myself. Such wits as I reserved, are so badly shattered that repair is useless – and still I can’t help laughing at my own catastrophe.”

I always have an Emily Dickinson poetry book nearby but some of her letters to people hit me with the most feels. Thank you, internet. The above passage always made me feel as though it were a beautiful way of describing how I often feel, despite it being about moving residence or whatnot. If I could sit still and concentrate long enough and make the words come to why it resonates so much with me I would. Also some of her writings can even be too ‘religious’ for me but I find them so beautiful and makes my mind swell with understanding so it just… is.

“I often wish I was a grass, or a toddling daisy, whom all of these problems of the dust might not terrify – and should my own machinery get slightly out of gear, please, kind ladies and gentlemen, some one stop the wheel, – for I know that with belts and bands of gold, I shall whizz triumphant on the new stream!”


Feb. 28th, 2017 08:02 am
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I had the choice of getting Horizon Zero Dawn or Breath of the Wild. I chose Zelda. Mind you we are holding off on getting the Switch, but we have the Wii U and the visual differences aren't that major that it will deter me. I did a lot of research and decided HZD is something I can wait on. It's amazing, the plot and visuals are totally something I would super enjoy. But. It's playstyle isn't new. It plays and runs like the new Tomb Raider and Far Cry games with a lot of stealth action and whatnot. And I've played those games. I want something different... something challenging. And frankly this new Zelda game is intense. Personally, I love open world. But even this open world scares me because a lot of reviews are people who are butthurt over dying too quickly because they drown without enough stamina or their gear wears down fast, etc. But I'm up for it, man! Can't wait! 

People are already making fanart for Andromeda. What the heck!? Calm your tits. I cannot wait for this game. In fact I took the 21st, 22nd off... and maybe the 24th and 25th. HEH HEH HEH. Problems? I got em.
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Here is a list of books that have been recommended to me or that I have wanted to read... work in progress, will add more!

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours

Helen Oyeyemi

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things
Bryn Greenwood

Underground Airlines
Ben H. Winters

Dark Matter
Blake Crouch

Arabella of Mars
David D. Levine

The Underground Railroad
Colson Whitehead

Rebel of the Sands
Alwyn Hamilton

Devil in the White City

Erik Larson

The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Neil Gaiman

CURRENTLY READING: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss  
Thoughts: Holy crap it really is THAT good!
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not strong enough )
Ok, I don't care if its all cliche or depressing or whatever but a fucking video game character made me sad and I sympathize with him, as I am sure a lot of people do --- and, well, that was that. Thought I would share.
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Cows: Neno & Tinley
Chickens: Zurt, Popi, Frus, Nomo, and Gusumo.
Duck: Chackabell

Totally just used the name randomizer which amused me a few times. Almost got enough money saved for a horse! Broke down during my first winter to watch youtube videos of advice for new players --- which I had known some stuff, a few things I stumbled into easily. Like the worms and the island off to the side of the ocean/fishing area. Decided on Harvey as a potential husband but had no idea he was such a spineless ninny, but whatever, I got a obsidian sword. I can protect his adorable eyeglass wearing nerd.



Aug. 2nd, 2016 10:13 am
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If you ignore the serious bad fan-fiction level plotlines (dear GODS is it bad) here is the biggest reason I wont read The Cursed Child. Besides the fact its not a book but a screenplay and JKR didn't write it, but helped slightly and just... ok. Quote spoiler incoming...

Spoilers al a The Cursed Child )
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Opinion:  "I like blue because blue is the BEST COLOR EVER."
Fact:  "The sky is sometimes blue."

Opinion: White God totally made man and he's like, "you can only marry/bang a woman and that's that. If you do otherwise you are totally going to hell."
Fact: Christianity is only about 2000 years old.

Fact:  Religion is not science. Science is real. We evolved. Thus, your opinion that God created the humans that we are today is OPINION and not FACT and thus you cannot/should not, deem your belief of opinion unto other people as law.

Fact:  Blue is not my favorite color.

PS. Why do people dislike the Christian 'Devil' - He punishes the 'bad' people who go to Hell. Sounds like he has a shitty job, but he himself isn't going around doing bad things, is he? Or do I have this all backwards and confused with other religions. Like, is he the persona that whispers and tricks people into doing bad things so they go to Hell? If so, sounds like he has a quota to fill for his job and really probably isn't evil.
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Things I currently like
Orphan Black
The color olive
Chuy's ranch jalapeno dip recipe

Things I currently do not like.
Donald Trump
The Drafter (Kim Harrison book)

So there are six random things. I could totally write lots more, but those are the things on my mind right now. There you have it. 
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